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STOPzilla AntiVirus uses true active protection to detect, block and remove malware and spyware.

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Safeguard STOPzilla AntiVirus safeguards your personal data and helps to prevent identity theft
Safeguard Offers a full range of protection... Blocks Viruses, Spyware and Malware
Safeguard STOPzilla AntiVirus provides the broadest possible coverage against online threats
Safeguard Finds and eliminates threats that other products in the industry fail to detect

STOPzilla AntiVirus quickly and effectively locates, stops and isolates dangerous spyware and adware.

STOPzilla AntiVirus Screenshots


AntiVirus 8.0 Overview Screen

Update Screen

Update Screen

Select Scan

Select Scan Screen

Quick Scan

Quick Scan Screen

Scan results Screen

Scan Results Screen

Settings Screen

Settings Screen

Windows 10 Compatible Windows 8 Compatible Windows 7 Compatible